Therapeutic Strings

About Randy Melick

My name is Randy Melick. I am a songwriter and guitarist. I began playing music when I was young and continue to write and play acoustic guitar music. I have been performing on college campuses and at wineries in the Midwest for many years. The music I write is similar to the Windham Hill group and Acoustic Alchemy as well as other New Age guitarists.

In 1998 I published a CD entitled ‘Acoustic Passages’. A song entitled Like the Wind was featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine and Guitar World magazine.

I currently write music for AT Peace Media in New York. My music is put into a stream and sold to Health Spas throughout the world:

“Everyone has a favorite song”

How Music can be Therapeutic

Music has a powerful effect on our bodies and minds just by listening to it. Music is used by qualified Music Therapists in clinical practice. Music can help with stress relies, anxiety, relaxation, insomnia and depression.

Music is used in the study of Brainwaves

There are five brainwave patterns affected by music.

5 Brainwave Patterns

  1. Delta waves. 5 to 3 Hz-Slow for Deep Meditation
  2. Theta waves 3 to 8 Hz-Memory and Intuition
  3. Alpha waves 8 to 12 Hz-Overall Mental coordination (Living in the Present)
  4. Beta waves 12 to 38 Hz-Judgement, Problem Solving, and the state of Consciousness
  5. Gamma waves 38 to 42 Hz-can be subdivided Passes information rapidly and quietly and are highly active.

It is interesting that brainwaves can be altered by:

Breathing and slower heart rate. Brainwave training is a popular choice.

The fMRI reveals reorganization of motor function in the auditory cortex. A combination of arts and music including painting, and dancing, stimulates the brain.