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Music can improve mood, decrease pain and anxiety, and facilitate opportunities for emotional expression. Research suggests that music can benefit our physical and mental health in numerous ways.


Deliver the best music possible for your wealth and wellbeing.


We deliver meaningful melodies and harmonies that connect with cherished memories and deliver strength, hope and encouragement.

About Randy Melick

My name is Randy Melick. I am a songwriter and guitarist. I began playing music when I was young and continue to write and play acoustic guitar music. I have been performing on college campuses and at wineries in the Midwest for many years. The music I write is similar to the Windham Hill group and Acoustic Alchemy as well as other New Age guitarists.

In 1998 I published a CD entitled ‘Acoustic Passages’. A song entitled Like the Wind was featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine and Guitar World magazine.

I currently write for wedding ceremonies as well as music for AT Peace Media in New York. My music is put into a stream and sold to Health Spas throughout the world:

Everyone has a favorite song


Passive Listening

Passive listening typically is utilized when the music is not the primary event in a certain time or space. Perhaps at a restaurant and you may be hearing Chances are you may not be listening to it at all. It is just background sounds combined with chatter is ambient in nature.

Responsive Listening

This level is a wide or broad in nature. Recorded music would be in this category and is intended for people to enjoy it, so that is just what we do. Think about it, YouTube, Spotify, or your own CD’s fit into this category. People love to consume music it just like we consume food.

“Do You have a Favorite Song”

Intentional Listening

This kind of listening may apply to many area of life where it is needed to help in cognitive learning, possibly to memorize it for study or Studious listening. It involves processing music at a higher level or function than average.

This ability to process and learn music at a high level is achievable by ANYONE.

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Music in Therapy, Music as Therapy


How Music can be Therapeutic

Music has a powerful effect on our bodies and minds just by listening to it. Music is used by qualified Music Therapists in clinical practice. Music can help with stress relies, anxiety, relaxation, insomnia and depression.