Therapeutic Strings

Audio Restoration Services

Using up to date software efficient is our primary goal when it comes to providing clean understandable audio. Some aspects of audio forensics include, establishing authenticity of the audio origination, enhancing of audio recordings to improve speech intelligibility and the audibility of low-level sounds as well as documenting audio evidence, such as transcription and reconstructing crime scenes, and adaptive audio filtering.

We also follow a chain of custody. This provides a chronological paper trail when, how, and by whom individual items of physical or electronic evidence—such as cell phone logs—were collected, handled, analyzed, or otherwise controlled during an investigation.

Once authenticity of the audio evidence is established, the forensic expert must rely on other techniques as well as their own expertise to determine the authenticity of the chain of custody, such as requesting the original.

Audio Authentication Process

  1. Evidence marking for later identification by the forensic expert
  2. Physical inspection of the evidence for specific characteristics that are noted by the expert
  3. Digital data imaging and playback anomalies
  4. Critical listening to the audio for auditory anomalies
  5. High resolution waveform analysis, visual inspection of sound wave formation
  6. Narrow band spectrum analysis
  7. Spectrographic analysis
  8. Digital data analysis
  9. Miscellaneous analysis based on the investigation thus far
  10. Work notes and work product
  11. Creating a forensic report

Send me your cassettes, records, or even CD's, and I will clean them up and re-master them for you.